See the big picture and the details with a single camera: Thanks to digital pan/zoom/tilt (PTZ) capabilities and multi-view streaming, AXIS M3045-V lets you view separate video streams of zoomed-in sections of an image at the same time as you view the full overview image. This can be done with a single camera which keeps the installation and maintenance time and costs low. Plus it is one more way that AXIS M3045-V minimizes bandwith and storage needs.

AXIS Q6052 PTZ Dome Network

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At Corzo Technology Inc. we provide a wide range of modern security solutions focused on multiple sectors and specific customer needs. We are solution providers of the most leading - edge products available for security and Access Control, home control system, Surveillance Cameras, Network System.

AXIS M3024-LVE provides 1 MP and HDTV 720p video. The outdoor ready camera has IP66 and NEMA 4X ratings for protection against dust, rain and snow.

Our video surveillance solution for small systems is made up of cameras, SD cards, AXIS Camera Companion and mobile viewing apps. It's the easiest solution for small systems. And it gives you everything you need to keep your business secure.

AXIS Q6054-E features a sensor that makes it highly light sensitive. That means you can count on good image quality even when in low light. AXIS Q6054-E also features WDR, which ensures excellent detail when there are both bright and darker areas in a scene.


AXIS Q1635 Network C.

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Axis M3024-LVE Network C.


Focus recall helps you get more out of your AXIS Q6052 in challenging light conditions. There’s no need to focus manually or wait the second or two it takes for autofocus to adjust. Focus recall gives you instantaneous focus even in low-contrast scenes.

AXIS Q1765 Explosion PTZ

With its built in IR LEDs and 4 MP / Quad HD 1440p image quality, M2026-LE delivers high-resolution surveillance even in the dark.

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AXIS Q6054-E PTZ Dome Network

AXIS Q6055-E PTZ Dome Network

AXIS Q6055-E is an advanced PTZ dome that gives you both sweeping overviews and superb zoomed-in detail. Designed for demanding outdoor conditions, it’s ideal for surveillance at airports, train stations, arenas, and any city-surveillance scenario.

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Moreover, AXIS Q1635 supports focus assistant, remote back focus and pixel counter, capabilities already known in the AXIS Q16 Series.

​AXIS M3045-V Network Camera

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AXIS M2026-LE Network C.

Axis offers a wide portfolio of IP-based products and solutions for security and video surveillance. Our security cameras, video encoders, accessories and access control products are based on open industry standards. The products integrate easily with Axis’ video management software, or with a partner product, to build a complete security or surveillance solution.

XP40-Q1765 Explosion-Protected PTZ Network Camera is an AXIS Q1765-LE Camera (excl. IR LEDs and SD card, incl. wiper and support for washer,


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