AXIS V5914 PTZ Network Camera

4MP H.265 Super Low Lux WDR Pro IR Mini Fixed Rugged IP Dome

Analytics protect your bottom line:  AXIS Q6055-E comes with a long list of built-in Axis analytic applications that allow automatic monitoring of the video feed and help you prevent crime before it happens. Analytics can also help you make smarter decisions about resource allocation and cut down on routine patrols, for example. 

Brivo’s cloud-based access control and video platform is an ideal security solution for businesses with multiple, geographically dispersed offices and facilities. With automatic networking features, access points around the globe are seamlessly managed under one centralized system.

Linux-embedded Standalone GV-SNVR0811

Network Video Recorder which records video files directly to the internal hard drive, supporting up to 8 channels of GV-IP Cameras for network surveillance. GV-SNVR0811 has 8-port built-in PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at), functioning to carry network and power to IP cameras.

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Live streaming cameras for a variety of applications

Easily track expensive assets from stethoscopes to defibrillators. Don’t leave your providers under equipped and unprepared to give their best to the patients.

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Gain fast control of your equipment and stock levels with Wasp inventory software. Save valuable time spent searching for inventory.


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Barcodes work through the combination of a symbology (the barcode) and a scanner that can read the symbols and convert them into useful information, often information about an item’s origin, price, type, and location. The scanner reads the barcode and automatically enters the information stored in it into a system often some type of database.

Axis' leading range of network video products has been successfully implemented at healthcare facilities around the world. They deliver high quality images that reduce investigation times.

The solution is built around the AXIS Companion video management software which allows users to view live or recorded video at their premises or even remotely from another location. Video surveillance is set up using the dedicated AXIS Companion IP-cameras.

Smart PTZ Dome with Extended IR

WaspTime is a time and attendance system designed to automate employee time tracking and give control over lost time and productivity. Featuring an intuitive, easy to use interface, Our system dramatically reduces the number of hours required to process employee time records.  

H.265 Standalone NVR

Wasp-Time & Attendance

Hikvision PTZ Dome Camera provides many industry leading benefits, including Ultra HD 4K image detail in real time (30fps), Defog capability to improve imaging in foggy condition and advanced Smart Suite Analytics and Smart Tracking.

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At  Corzo Technology Inc. we provide a wide range of modern security solutions focused on multiple sectors and specific customer needs. We are solution providers of the most leading - edge products available for security and access control. With access to a wide range of products and skilled solution providers we are confident we can meet any challenge.

Innovation and Security for your Company

HID EasyLobby®

Gain accurate control of your inventory with Wasp inventory software. Save valuable time spent searching for inventory and fully supply your students.

Far too often we hear about educational facilities that have been exposed to vandalism, violence or burglary. As a result, valuable resources are lost to cumbersome repairs and investigations.

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Corzo Technology Inc. is proud to be a distributor of name brand products such as Axis Communications, Hikvision, Geovision and HID, products that will meet all your requirements, from home owners to large industrial sites.

Wasp Barcode Technologies

Public transport

-  GV-EDR4700

In many environments, visitors are still asked to enter their information in a paper log book. While this method is perceived as quick and easy, it provides little security and leaves visitor information available for anyone to see. To address these issues, HID Global's EasyLobby® Secure Visitor.

Wasp - Agriculture

Easily track expensive assets from handcuffs to police cruisers. Don’t leave your officers under equipped and unprepared for their next call.

Surveillance System, Access Control and Network Solution

AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera Series offer cameras with smooth pan/tilt/zoom, high quality audio and powerful 30x zoom. They are designed to stream, webcast audio and video in a variety of applications. The open interface makes it easy to integrate with other systems and share information with a broader audience such as in auditoriums, classrooms, as well as peer to peer communication in video conferencing. 

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Axis Companion

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Factories, warehouses and manufacturing often contain valuable raw material and goods that are attractive to thieves. Therefore it is important to have an efficient system to protect your property and assets. 

Complete Asset Tracking Systems

Public safety and security is an important issue for governments at all levels. Both citizens and government officials wish for a daily life without having to face immediate threats and criminal actions.